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Plantery Grid
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Reiki Practitioner, Michelle Iversen, among the trees smiling outside.

Healing with The Plantery Grid

I’ve found that through connecting to the Planetary Grid music collection channeled by artist, Deya Dova, I am able to go into a deep state. This music collection consists of energy lines at 44 locations across the planet. When guided to send Reiki this way, I will choose one location that will resonate best for your healing. Once I start sending Reiki I often use noise cancelling headphones. This method greatly enhances my ability to feel and connect deeper with the healing energy of Reiki, Mother Earth, the Planetary Grid, to Spirit, and other Loving Light-beings.

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Reiki Energy
A man receiving Reiki during an energy healing session.
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Healing with Reiki Energy

   As a healer, I act as a vessel to hold space for this healing energy to flow through myself to the client. I have always been sensitive to energy and over the years I have learned how to discern what I am feeling. For example, I often sense and feel through my own body what areas a client needs clearing and receiving healing light. I may receive a sharp pain in my back. Then I'll focus on sending healing light to this area until I no longer feel the pain. Other times I may experience a heavy pressure on my chest until I've cleared this area. Each session is unique. These are just a few examples of how I receive guidance.


In addition, Reiki has a spiritual consciousness and knows exactly what you need and where to direct this healing light. The client’s higher-self also plays a role in determining what they are ready and able to receive at that moment in time. For this reason, each session can vary greatly even with the same client and healer.

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Crystal Energy
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Hands holding a Smoky Quartz Crystal and a Golden Healer Crystal.

Before each session, based off intuition and guidance I'll choose which crystals will best serve you for your session. Each crystal’s energy will be cleared, charged, and have intentions set for your highest good to help amplify the healing energy you will be receiving.

Healing with Crystal Energy

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What to Expect

What to expect during a session?

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Portrait of Reiki Practitioner, Michelle Iversen, smiling outside wearing a blue sweater and a red Mala bead necklace.

Are you ready for support?

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Each session is tailored to your needs and what makes you feel the most comfortable. You have the option of having a session over the phone or zoom.


I like to start the session by checking in with you and discussing your needs. If you have one or two intentions for your session to work on we can discuss them. I use crystals in every session to help amplify Reiki and the healing energy you'll be receiving. At some point during the session I often call on angels and guides and other loving energies to help assist with your healing.


When requested or guided I can send Reiki while talking you through the session. I can let you know what areas in your body I am focusing on clearing and any other information that I may receive. Some individuals find it very helpful to talk through their own experiences. Sometimes talking can help allow suppressed feelings and emotions in your body to come to the surface for Reiki to release.


There are many ways to receive Reiki and talking is not necessary in order to heal. Most of the time, I am guided to send Reiki while not talking with my eyes closed. I often use noise cancelling headphones while I connect with the energy from the Planetary Grid. I’ve found that this helps me go into a very deep Theta state. While I am sending healing light I am focusing on your energy body and not really aware of my surroundings. I use a timer to let me know when it’s time. Sometimes the timer may go off and I may need a little more time to finish up. I recommend allowing for some extra time afterwards just in case. Once I am done sending energy I’ll check in with you about your experience. I’ll also share my experience and what guidance I received during your session.

I genuinely want you to feel safe and comfortable so you have a pleasant and positive experience. As a healer, it is very important to me that I create this safe space. The more comfortable you are the more energetically open and receptive you are to receiving Reiki's healing light even sooner. If you have more questions about what to expect during a session please check out the FAQ below or call or text me +1(360)303-3210.

  • I want to start healing, but I am very busy and don't have time.
    Long-distance Reiki actually has several advantages for busy individuals. Save time traveling back & forth between sessions. Avoid sitting in traffic Get more out of your time by having your session while you focus on a passionate hobby, taking a walk outside, or watching T.V. Whatever you do to unwind and relax will pair very well with Reiki. I highly recommend a calming and smoothing activity. You can even receive Reiki while you sleep.
  • Do I need to be on the phone or zoom for the whole session?
    Sessions can be arrange to fit your preference: We can talk during the beginning, then end the conversation, and I check back with you at the end. If you prefer to stay on the phone or online during the whole session than that's perfect too. If you don't want to talk at all that can be arranged after having a couple sessions where we talk at the beginning. Having a few sessions where I can hear your voice or see your face helps me become familiar with your energy.
  • Do I have to talk during my Reiki session?
    Talking during a session is not necessary in order to heal. Some individuals may prefer to talk and others may not. Both methods are just as effect and valid. Sometimes our own needs vary and change from session to session. We may prefer not to talk most of the time and one session we find we have a lot to get off our chest and release. Whatever makes us feel the most comfortable in that moment in time is perfect.
  • Do I have to lie down the whole time?
    No, it isn't necessary to lie down to receive Reiki. Sometimes people choose to sit. I've done whole sessions while the client went for a walk outside. If you chose to lie down, but find yourself part way through the session needing to move or go to the bathroom it will not interrupt your healing session.
  • What if I am not sure what I want to focus on?
    No need to worry. Reiki has a spiritual consciousness and knows exactly what you need for your highest good.
  • What's it like to experience a Reiki session?
    While receiving Reiki some individuals: They may feel a tingling sensation. They may become very sleepy. They may feel their stomach gurgling. They may feel very relax and balanced. Or they may have their own unique experience. Sometimes you may feel nothing at all. Even if you don't notice any sensations this doesn't mean you aren't receiving Reiki's healing light. Some of my clients who have healed the most from me don't feel energy as it's being sent, but they still receive and notice dramatic changes.
  • What does a session with a child look like?
    I will discuss with the parent what they would like to focus on. I ask the parent to find an activity that the child enjoys and finds calming like: watching a movie, playing outside, drawing, etc... If the parent is interested, I will call back and let them know what came up during the session. Most times the child is not aware they are having a session and still receive healing benefits.
  • How long does it take to notice anything?
    Some individuals notice changes during and right after the session. Usually it takes a few days to a week to notice change. Sometimes it takes longer to notice. My Reiki teacher explained to me that Reiki is like a gift sent in the mail. The individual will always receive the package, but when they choose to open the package is up to them. The more the client feels safe then the more energetically open and receptive they are to receiving this healing gift. This is one of the reasons why I strive to do everything I can to help you feel safe and comfortable. I want you to heal and receive what you need as soon as possible.
  • Is one method better or more effective?
    Every individual's needs are different. Sometimes our own needs vary and change from session to session. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable in that moment in time is perfect. Reiki is just as effective when paired with a calming and comforting activity. For those who enjoy lying down and being present during the session, you create a better opportunity to tune in and to notice and experience this healing energy. Intuition is in the present moment, so if you are present you are more likely to notice sensations, but it is not necessary in order to heal. Both methods are just as effective for healing.
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