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“I have had several Reiki treatments from Michelle. I have Parkinson's and each time it has such a calming effect that my tremors have stopped during the sessions. It has also helped relieve much of the pain. I've found each experience to be very positive and up lifting."


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“Michelle is one of the most unassuming people I know. She has a heart of gold that you can just feel in her presence. I just love being around her. Michelle's sensitivity and tenderness are her superpowers which makes her an incredible Reiki master. I'm still pretty new to Reiki work, so it can feel a little intimidating to me. Michelle always makes sure I feel comfortable and at ease before she works on me. I love that she really takes time to tailor the session to me and what I am wanting. From beginning to end I feel heard, held and taken care of. I would highly recommend Michelle for anyone wanting Reiki work."

Laura G.

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“Michelle is patient, kind, and a good listener. She helped me and my 3 year old son to heal in many ways. Michelle has helped me to release a lot of trauma and resentment I had towards an individual, when I wasn't able to forgive them on my own. She also helped heal my Plantar's Fasciitis. Prior to my session my foot was extremely painful and was hard to walk on for months. The next day after my Reiki session my foot was 80% better and it continued to fully heal the next week. After a year the pain hasn't returned in my foot. With my 3 year old son he was terrified of deep water, throwing a lot of screaming tantrums, and having a difficult time being able to communicate. Now after several long distant sessions his fear of water has noticeably improved. He is calmer and the tantrums have decreased significantly. He is now talking more and using more words to communicate. I have been doing long distance Reiki with Michelle for over a year now. I noticed I feel happier, calmer, and overall physically and emotionally better. This is the best I have felt in years."


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